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A woman’s guide to tapping into her creative self

How did we, as women, lose our belief in “Yes, I can?” Lose the belief in “I can be, do, and have whatever I choose in my life!” Manifesting abundant health, wealth and happiness is not for only a few; it’s for all of us. What is stopping us from creating incredible, unimaginable success? Suppression of our feelings and impulses has become commonplace and the volcanic, explosive power of unleashing this force within us scares not only society but many women as well. Tapping into our creative selves and reclaiming our passionate nature is an ongoing practice of learning self appreciation, self acceptance, self empowerment and unconditional love.

Whose life is this anyway?

As a woman, you have many titles attached to you: mother, daughter, employee, entrepreneur, healer, nurturer, event planner and/or educator. Do you feel fragmented? Are there pieces of you floating around tending to other peoples’ needs and not your own? Whose voice is whispering in your head saying ‘no to this and no to that,’ undermining the breath taking gifts you carry within you. Honoring your intuitive genius means listening to the whispers of your soul and then trusting in your innate spiritual wisdom.

Reclaiming Who You Really Are

Ultimately, you are 100 per cent responsible for the life you are living. It doesn’t matter about the choices you made in the past. What does matter is today and how you create new beginnings, new choices to improve the quality of your life that reflect your authentic self. What do you want your life to look like? What quiet, secret dream hides deep within your heart? Dare to dream ‘big dreams’ that touch the very essence of you. What makes you smile?

Making a decision

Procrastination is often a sign of conflicting belief systems you have bought into over your lifetime. Continuing to repeat old patterns of motivation and behavior and expecting different results, creates confusion and ultimately interferes with your dreams and also your performance. Old memories, conflicts and insecurities flare up creating a pendulum swing that dances with new ideas until they drift away into a sea of confusion.
Take one action, one step, one decision to create positive change in your life. Just one positive change will begin to affect other areas in your life as well.

Integrating Change

What happens if my life changes? What will it look like? Many fears and worries will creep up as you take hold of your life and decide to grow. Change is inevitable. Change happens daily. Change is the very nature of your creative life. Blocking change, because of fear, inhibits your capacity to live authentically. Initiating new ways of being is much easier when you hold the highest good for yourself and for others, trust in your intuitive guidance and know deep inside of you, that you are expressing the very best part of you.

The Magnetic Factor

Have you closed off a wounded heart to protect yourself? Abuse, guilt, shame, abandonment, and criticism from your past color the view of the present. But it is the very opening of your heart and your expressions of love that will create the magnetism and radiance you seek in your life. You will attract the things you think about and feel. You can remain a victim of circumstance or you can choose another road to travel. You are the only one who can make that choice.

As a woman, you have such a wealth of intuitive insight within you. Your challenge is to trust your inner voice and then choose to make the changes in your life that will attract people and events that honor and support your highest good. You are not defined by your past. With each breath you take, you can create new beginnings. You can embrace your sacred journey, express yourself authentically and experience the genius and positive potential of your unique, special self.