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Best Mattress for my Parents

My parents are very practical people. They make sure to maximize the use of any item that we purchase. Throughout my life I have seen the choices that they make and they prove to be very spot on. Now that I live on my own (actually with my husband) I or we tend to visit them as much as we could. From the recent visit that my husband and I made, we found out that my parents are on the verge of buying a new mattress. I was pretty excited when I first heard but was also alarmed when I found out that their mattress was already worn and very old. It could really be affecting them health wise. So my husband and I decided to surprise them with a new mattress.

It’s about time!

I don’t quite recall when did my parents purchase the mattress that they are currently using. I feel bad that I never really took a closer look about this but also glad to have it replaced, finally! According to AMERISLEEP:

Like light bulbs or batteries, mattresses tend to be the kind of thing that we don’t give much thought to as long as they’re doing their job. But when the light or a battery stops working, you know right away and replace it ASAP.

But unless a mattress pops a spring or breaks somehow, most of us will keep using it long after it probably should have been replaced. Which can spell bad news for your health—and your ability to get a decent night’s rest.

Good Riddance

Replacing my parents’ old mattress was a great move, since it will not only improve the quality of their sleep but it will also  be a good investment for their health. Now that they are getting older, I would always want the best for them, anything that can improve the quality of life is always a go. I never expect that buying them a mattress will be one of them. The entire process was actually fun, my mom’s pointers would of course be in utmost consideration.

A lot of practical things have been considered and one important note that my mom mentioned during the entire process that struck me is of course taking care of the stuff that you will buy so you won’t have to purchase it every so often.

According to health24, the following are some tips to keep your mattress in tip-top shape:

  • Invest in an allergy-proof mattress protector.

  • Let your mattress air regularly – take it outside.

  • Knock out dust regularly.

  • Consider investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA-filter since normal vacuum cleaners don’t get rid of all the dust.

  • Let your bedroom air or invest in a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture in the air, which can cause mould.

  • Shower before bed to rinse off any allergy triggers.

  • Wash your bedding weekly to avoid any dead skin cells, dust and other dirt being transferred and building up in your mattress.

To wrap it up, we were looking for a mattress that is great for sleeping with a spouse. A mattress that won’t easily wake my mom since my dad moves a lot during the night. Less tension in the body when sleeping since they are getting old. And of course a mattress with good and quality material. Luckily we found one with the help of mattressbattle. We have found this very informative website and made us find the best mattress for my parents. Both my parents said that they really like the quality, it’s a good investment and top it off, the mattress is soft according to their preference and looks luxurious as well.