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Feminization Hypnosis

Feminization Hypnosis – Bringing The Woman Within To Life

His thoughts, his feelings, his desires weren’t those of the body he was trapped in. He felt like a woman, wanted the world to accept him as one, but it felt wrong. His life felt wrong…

It wasn’t fair, he hadn’t asked for it, but here he was living a life of frustration. A life where he felt guilty, even ashamed of who he was. He wasn’t normal, the world had made sure he believed that, but he didn’t want to.

The protagonist of this little story won’t be named, but there are many who’d see their own faces or their own names here. It’s a story common to many.

But one powerful technique is changing this tale—it’s called Feminization Hypnosis. This is a form of hypnosis that helps an individual embrace his feminine side fully and find inner peace.

The technique goes beyond the physiological changes that a surgery can achieve. Feminization hypnosis can perhaps best be described as a non-invasive surgery for the mind and soul, thus helping an individual feel like a woman and live freely as one.

How does feminization hypnosis work?

Unlike surgery, Feminization hypnosis focuses on the mind of the individual and tries to bring out the woman trapped within.

It works by breaking down any conflicts that may act as psychological barriers preventing an individual from getting in touch with his feminine side.

Feminization hypnosis relies on the power of the subconscious mind. It’s within the deeper recesses of our subconscious that our biggest fears and insecurities are hidden.

Feminization hypnosis works by delving into an individual’s subconscious, releasing the limiting beliefs therein and implanting new and positive ideas with the power of hypnotic suggestion.

During feminization hypnosis sessions, a trained therapist uses visualization and guided meditation techniques to help the subject get into a deep trance like state. It is during this state that we can communicate with our subconscious and reveal what we hold within, without any inhibitions or fears.

The therapist then uses various hypnotic suggestions to help an individual release all the negative beliefs about being the way they are. This is followed by a technique called re-programming the mind with visualizations and positive suggestions, to enable an individual to embrace his feminine side and draw confidence from it.

Is Feminization Hypnosis Safe?

Feminization hypnosis works entirely on the mind, and hence, is a far safer and more comprehensive method to embrace the feminine side than surgical procedures.

The focus here is on coming to terms with the conflict one has experienced, thereby ensuring that the transition is far more acceptable.

Through feminization hypnosis, individuals are encouraged to make peace with their pasts and have a confident and more positive approach towards living as a woman.

Since, this process involves conditioning the mind to behave in a more feminine manner, its effects can even be reversed if the individual chooses to do so, making it one of the safest methods to transition to the feminine side.

Does Hypnosis Enjoy Any Medical Validity?

Hypnosis is used as an effective method in various areas of medical practice. Its efficacy has been proved by several research studies conducted since the 1890s. A report commissioned by the British Psychological society has established hypnosis as a valid therapeutic medium.1

In addition to its use in psychiatry, hypnosis is also used in surgical and dental procedures.2

Hypnosis in fact has also been used by medical practitioners to ease labor pain in women and reduce the pain of childbirth.3

Forms Of Hypnosis Therapies

One can choose to experience the power of hypnosis through any one of the following mediums:

By visiting a hypnotherapist

Using self-hypnosis scripts Listening to pre-recorded Cds, Mp3s, etc.
Each of these can prove to be effective, however, for someone who has never practiced or experienced hypnosis, visiting a hypnotherapist will prove to be the most effective method.

Having said that, whatever course you may choose, you must keep the following steps in mind:

Keep the mind relaxed and stress-free: Hypnosis will work only if you are relaxed and open to suggestions.
Let go of any mental blocks: To live in two different states without knowing which way to go can be quite traumatic. But, once an individual has decided to undergo feminization hypnosis to embrace his feminine side, it is crucial for him to dismiss any apprehensions or fears from his mind.

Realize the extent of desire for feminization: Transgender and cross-dressing individuals who are considering feminine hypnosis, need to come to terms with the extent of their desire to embrace their feminine side. This is especially useful to counter any potential anti-feminization feelings that could emerge during the process.

Accept the physical aspect of being feminine: There are certain physiological differences between men and women. When undergoing feminization hypnosis, one would have to learn the natural feminine traits such as gait, softness of touch, etc.

Make the transition: This is the actual process when the individual actually crosses over from being a male to becoming a female.

Keep a clear conscience: Once the transition has happened, one may face inner conflict within his conscience. It’s therefore important to learn how to reconcile with the previous male conscience and then embrace one’s feminine conscience in its entirety.

Benefits and Advantages of Feminization Self-Hypnosis Programs

Living two lives is like lying to yourself and the world everyday. While one may still be able to live with lying to others, deceiving yourself on a daily basis can be both exhausting and frustrating. Add to that the weight of guilt, shame and confusion and you get a life from which even the smallest hint of joy has been sapped out.

Feminization hypnosis helps bring the lost joy back to many lives. It helps individuals living dual lives choose the one they really want to and start living on their own terms.

The best part of feminization hypnosis is that it’s risk free. Unlike surgery, feminization hypnosis can be reversed.

Is Feminization Hypnosis Effective?

The mind is the most powerful organ of the human body. If we can convince the mind, we can achieve anything we want. Emotions and feelings, both negative and positive, all reside in the mind; whether it’s shame, guilt, frustration, anger, confidence, or acceptance.

Once an individual embraces and accepts his real identity at a mental level, half the battle is won. Surgical procedures too are only done when one is mentally ready to become a woman. Even then a surgery can only change the outer appearance. For an individual to truly face the society as a confident woman, or to even be comfortable with who they are, it takes complete transformation of the mental outlook. That’s exactly what feminization hypnosis does.

The therapy can be as effective as you want it to be. The success of hypnosis on any individual depends on their receptiveness to suggestions and willingness to embrace change. So, open your mind to a new experience, the woman within will thank you for bringing her to life.