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Everybody has a story to tell. Everybody has trials and tribulations they went through as part of their journey in life. Everyone has their ups and downs. Yet for me, feeling victimized and unhappy has always been an automatic reaction to dealing with difficult situations. I was at the age of 23 when my father asked me to get married. I was not ready. I didn’t have anyone that I wanted to get married to, but because he asked, I could not refuse. He was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer and he was at Stage 4. For me, that Read More

Why Feminists Must Support Psychics in Toronto

toronto feminist psychics

Have you ever ended up in the thick of things, dealing with a dark and impenetrable wall where you just wished to have a small clarity? With all of life’s unpredictability and mysteries, don’t you want to have a peek of what’s ahead however brief? Well as a feminist you must understand that all the bad publicity psychics receive is a result of white male privilege. That is why we must support psychics, especially psychics in Toronto who receive the most oppression. Some phone reading right from the comfort of their telephone. A precise reading from a credible medium can Read More

The Road to Passive Income

As a young adult, I’ve always wanted become an inventor. I wanted to share my useful inventions no matter what it would be. I later learned that not all things in life are free and not all plans you make will come true. You will get interested in new things and pursue new goals. A lot has changed since then, after graduating from Information Technology, I worked for a software firm and learned a lot throughout the years. However, as time goes by, I got tired of working in a corporate setup. I wanted to diversify and try different things. Read More

Top Affiliate Marketing References

It has been a long and dreadful journey towards my goal to find the best affiliate marketing books in the market. I have been wanting to build my affiliate marketing empire since I learned of it a couple of months back. But of course, before jumping the gun, I needed to find some good references such as the link above to guide me throughout my journey. The article from hustle life is very well written and it talks about different books created by successful people in the industry. Importance of Research May it be for buying a new gadget, starting a new Read More

Ketogenic Diet – Shall I Go for It?

I recently went to visit a doctor for a check up since I feel sluggish, I feel depressed most of the time, I have back ache, shortness of breath and have a heart burn sensation. All of which are not normal for me. To cut the story short I found out that I am overweight. I felt really sad since growing up I have been skinny. Maybe that’s also one of the reasons why I think that I will never get fat / overweight. Being skinny most of your life is not a free pass. I felt sad after I have Read More

Best Mattress for my Parents

My parents are very practical people. They make sure to maximize the use of any item that we purchase. Throughout my life I have seen the choices that they make and they prove to be very spot on. Now that I live on my own (actually with my husband) I or we tend to visit them as much as we could. From the recent visit that my husband and I made, we found out that my parents are on the verge of buying a new mattress. I was pretty excited when I first heard but was also alarmed when I Read More